Project Description

Gold Coast Youth Orchestra

Location – 7 Community Drive, Ashmore QLD 4214


The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra (GCYO) is committed to the importance of music as an essential component in the social and cultural fibre of our society. One of the ways we serve this commitment is through the provision of orchestral and ensemble experience for our children and young adults. The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra offers the opportunity for young musicians to perform frequently throughout the year. The GCYO chose Solar Link Australia to supply their solar needs and we can help your business too.

Given the ever increasing cost of power, Gold Coast Youth Orchestra called on Solar Link Australia’s expertise to provide a power saving Solar Power Solution. The Gold Coast Youth Orchestra elected to install 10Kw Samil (3 Phase Inverter) & 40 x 250W PV (10Kw PV System). The panels have a positive tolerance providing reliable output and a guaranteed tolerance of +3%. They also have high module efficiency of up to 15.22%. Moreover, they are certified to withstand 2400 Pa of wind and snow loads of up to 5400P as well as withstand a direct hail hit due to its tempered glass cover that is tested to TUV Standards (25mm diameter ice ball at 23.0m/s), keeping users worry-free at times of harsh weather.

Project Highlights