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Residential Solar Panel Installation

Installing Solar power on your home will harness FREE Solar Energy to power your appliances all day. Solar Link Australia can guide you through the whole process. Contact Us today for a Free Solar Assessment.

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Get Your FREE Solar Assessment

Solar Link Australia provides high quality Solar Power Systems. We are committed to making renewable energy a major part of Australia’s energy base. By choosing Solar Link Australia, you’ll get professional Solar Panel Installation, guaranteed to deliver significant financial savings. Whether you’re a homeowner, or looking for Commercial Solar Installation on a large scale, we can help you.
So what are you waiting for? Buy Solar Panels today!
Commercial Solar Installations
  • Cash Flow Positive*
  • Off Balance Sheet*
  • ROI of 3 to 4 Years*
  • Instant Asset write off*

(on installations upto $30,000)


I would recommend Solar Link Australia to anyone considering a solar system installation. I recently had a 5.0Kw system installed at my property without any problems. I found Adam from Solar Link Australia friendly and helpful at all times with the process from start to finish carried out exactly as promised, I am very happy and satisfied with all aspects of the job.
Warren Piper
Finance Available starting from $1.99 per day

Install Now Pay Later

Finance Available starting from $1.99 per day*

Buying a solar system is an investment, but not everyone can afford to pay the upfront cost. Solar Link Australia offers you an easy way to ‘Go Solar’.

* Conditions Apply.
Refer Friends or Family and get rewarded

Refer & Earn

Refer Friends or Family and get rewarded !

If your friend or family member purchases and installs one of our solar systems, Solar Link Australia will thank you with up to $200 cash.

FREE Consultation for solar system

Commercial Showcase

Call 1800 155 597 for a FREE Consultation

Browse through few customer case studies of our solar systems such as Australia Post, BP Australia, Salvation Army who have cut down their energy expenditure with a commercial solar installation.

Solar Link Australia is one of the leading Solar Panel Installation Company in Australia.

Free Call : 1800 155 597 to discuss how to make energy savings with our range of solar power products.


How Solar Works?

Electricity bills are constantly on the rise. Thankfully there’s a solution!
You can harvest the power of the sun. While that sounds like a feat only Superman is capable of, it’s rather simple. Solar panels convert the sun’s rays to electricity using photovoltaic cell technology. That electricity will then make its way to a solar inverter (converting the power from DC to AC), allowing you to use it in your home. You can also add a battery to this solar system, which allows you to use the energy you generated during the day at night.

Now you might be thinking “Solar Panels? Inverters? Batteries? Where and how do I get these?” Well, that’s where we come in, we make things simple by finding the right solar system for your home. Give us a call on 1800 155 597, and you can be on your way to getting a solar system installed.

Solar Panels in Australia


Solar PVMs Installed Nationally

Solar Panels in Australia


Commercial Solar PVMs Installed

Solar Panels in Australia


Residential Solar PVMs Installed

Stocking All Major Solar Brands

By stocking many trusted brands, we can ensure you get the highest quality solar system installed for your money. As well as being able to offer many different systems based off an individuals needs. Contact us today to talk more about getting a solar system and panels for your home