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Why Solar?

Solar Panels

What is solar power?

Solar Energy is when you obtain electricity from the sun, it is basically an inexhaustible resource because as long as we have the sun we are able to harness its energy. Also having a solar power system installed means you don’t have to worry about the cost of electricity increasing.

Solar power is also a clean alternative to fossil fuels. Fossil Fuels are an ever increasing threat to our public health and safety and is believed to play a prominent role in global warming.

What are solar panels?

Solar panels generate electricity by capturing the light energy that is emitted from the sun and turning it into electricity. This happens within the cells of specially designed semiconductor crystals.

This is done cleanly and quietly so it does not disturb your daily practices.

What are Photovoltaic (PV) cells?

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are the basic component of our solar systems these cells are what convert the sun’s energy into electricity. When the sunlight makes contact with a PV cell it produces an electrical current.

The PV cells are connected together into a solar module or panel this module has a non-reflective glass front as well as a protective insulating back sheet with aluminum fame. This allows increased strength and mounting ability.

Does it work all the time?

A solar power system only generates electricity during daylight however any power you don’t use during the day can be fed back into the electricity grid with a premium rate paid on this. This can help lower your electricity bill even further.


The inverter functions as a transformer, it can take the direct current (DC) that is produced by the solar panels and transform it into the Alternating Current (AC) electricity that is used to power most standard equipment that can be found in the home or office. It can also automatically shutdown the solar electric system in the situation when there is a power failure.

Solar panels

The more panels, the more electricity is generated, panels are usually placed (installed) on rooftops or in open areas that have the best exposure to the sun. This is done so that the panels can absorb the maximum amount of sun energy at any given time. The Solar Electricity panel systems will vary in size and this depends on the demands of the home or space. Some of the typical sizes would include:

  • Residential Houses: 1kWp-10kWp
  • Commercial Buildings: 5kWp-100kWp
  • Large Scale for cities: 1mWp-200MWp

Alternating Current (AC) safety

There is an AC safety switch which is a manual disconnect switch that can be used when there is a need to disconnect a building’s electrical system from the solar electricity system.

Performance monitoring

The solar power systems performance can be monitored by accessed through the inverter or alternatively by reading your electricity meter.