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IMEON 3 phase inverter
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SolaX X3 Retrofit

SolaX X3 Retro Fit will direct excess energy into your battery for later use. Enabling you to make the most use of your generated energy. If your home experiences a loss of power, the X3 RetroFit will then send the stored power back to the home, ensuring you are never left in the dark even during a power-cut.

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Rated Output Power: 8,000 W
Nominal grid range: 50/60Hz
Maximum Input Power: 12.8A
Battery voltage range: 170-500V
Maximum Discharge Current: 25A
Protection Category: IP 65
Dimensions:  457 x 654 x 228 mm
Weight:  38 kg
Warranty: 5 Year

SolaX Triple Power Battery

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Rated Output Power:  5,800 W
Nominal Voltage: 115.2
Operating Voltage:  100-131
Nominal Capacity: 5.8kWh
Usable Capacity: 5.2kWh
Cycle Life: >6000 Cycles
Max Power: 4.0kW
Protection Category: IP 55
Warranty: 10 Year
Dimensions: 474 x 193 x 708 mm
Weight: 72.2 kg
Pylontech Solar Battery

SolaX Triple Power is offering a NEW 5.8kWh model that can be installed in series with up to 4 batteries enabling 23kWh of storage. The new Triple Power encompasses the very latest in LFP technology which ensures much safer installations with wider temperature tolerances. With a 10-year warranty and 90% depth of discharge, the new Triple Power battery is a flexible, practical, high-performance energy storage solution.

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