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German Made BOSCH Inverter Introductory Offer

We currently have an unbelievable offer on the new German made Bosch Inverter Package.

Bosch’s Brand new 5Kw Inverter has just hit Australia. Solar Link Australia is proud to be one of a handful of companies offering this stand out German Made model at a very low introductory price to the Australian market.

The single-phase string inverters of the BPT-S series set new standards in terms of ease of use and analysis opportunities. New communication interfaces allow fast and fault-free commissioning, along with simplified remote analysis.

Other companies are charging as much as $9,990 for this premium system. Take advantage of an introductory new price to the 1st 50 customers!
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German Made BOSCH Introductory Offer

The Bosch Compress 3000 hot water heat pump is now more energy efficient than ever using up to 65% less energy compared to an electric storage hot water system.

The Compress 3000 can now operate down to -7°C providing you with energy efficient hot water even when it is freezing outside! The Compress 3000 also features a ‘smart controller’, which includes programming and error code functions – making it easier to use and service. Suitable for 3-4 people.

The Bosch Compress 3000 air-to-water heat pump water heater represents the very pinnacle of energy efficient water heating innovation.

Its multiple award-winning technology uses the same principle as a refrigerator, but in reverse – extracting heat from the air, transferring it into the water.

Please feel free to call us at 1800 155 597 for more details on this current promotion.