Solar Immersion

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Solar Immersion

Get FREE Hot Water from Solar PV Surplus

Solar Immersion Use 100% of Solar PV Surplus

A highly efficient proportional/modulation based solar PV hot water system at an affordable price. It diverts 100% of your surplus power to heat water & works even on cloudy days.

It’s the perfect solution to make the most of your PV installation & self-generated power. Take control of your generated power to save energy and make financial savings. Use the excess energy generated from a Solar PV/Hydro/Wind Turbine to heat your water for free.

It makes financial sense to use that extra power generated by your PV to heat water rather than exporting to the grid, as buying electricity and gas from the grid for heating water remains expensive. If you are on a feed-in tariff, you will still be paid for the power used to heat the water. Make the most of your feed-in tariff – use surplus electricity generated from your solar PV system for hot water and still receive payment for it!

Simple, Efficient And Affordable

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