Project Description

Fung Holdings

Location – 184 Parramatta Rd Auburn NSW 2144


Fung Holdings is a privately held company trading as Depira specializing in meat export and meat by-products. The Depira group of companies has a range of warehouses and factories and is a high level consumer of power needed to run its processing facilities. Depira realized it needed to change its reliance on grid power and after lengthy research it decided to contract Solar Link Australia to install a commercial solar system to significantly cut its power costs. The result has been immediate with Depira becoming a more sustainable consumer of energy.

Solar Link Australia is proud to supply & install the industry’s leading brands to one of Australia’s leading businesses. Fung Holdings will not only save $$$ as a consequence of this savvy financial decision but is also leading the way in its social and corporate responsibility to reduce its own carbon footprint.

Project Highlights

  • System size – 30.0Kw
  • Comprising of 3 x 10kw Power-One (ABB) Inverters and 120 x 250W Solar Panels
  • Location – 184 Parramatta Rd Auburn NSW 2144
  • Annual Production – In excess of 43 Megawatts
  • CO2 emissions saving / year – 49 Tonnes
  • Return on Investment – 3 Years
  • Installation Date – 22/12/2014