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The 6.6kW hybrid system will provide you with over 21kW hours per day. This is enough to power an average Australian family home.

The package features 24x275W ET Tier 1 High Efficiency Solar Panels and a 5kW Huawei inverter with a 5 year warranty.

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1 X 5kW Huawei


24 X 275W

ET Panels 

X 46 X 5 
X 8   X 4 
*Please note that this calculation is an estimate and does not guarantee actual system production or savings. Actual system production and savings will vary based on final system design, size, configuration, utility rates, applicable rebates and your energy usage.

  • Expected Annual Output of 5110 – 6424 kWh

  • CEC Approved 275W Tier 1 ET High-Efficiency Solar Panels

  • CEC Approved 5kW Huawei Inverter

  • A4777 & engineered aluminium and stainless steel mounting frame

  • Complete installation by a CEC accredited installer

 Choosing Solar Link Australia gives you the assurance of an established
solar company that can service your solar power system for the lifetime of its 25-year performance guarantee.

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