10kW Solar System

Our 10kw solar system has the following attributes

System Capacity: 10 kW
No’s of Panels: 40 X 250 W Solar Panels
Inverter Capacity: 10 kW
Output: from 12,774 to 18,250 kWh/year*
Roof Area Required: 72 m2

The exceptionally-engineered and manufactured 10kW solar system that we have available will give your building an approximate yearly energy output of between 12,774 to 18,250kWh depending on your location and circumstances (based on Clean Energy Council public data).

A range of Solar Systems are available to choose from

Solarlink Australia offers high quality Australian made solar systems with a adequate support. A good solar system will not only add value to your property, and will also add your valuable and positive contribution to the environment.

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