Solar Power System for Residential Properties

Everything we use from air conditioners to lighting, mobile phones and televisions requires electricity and with the cost of electricity likely to continue to rise an alternative (cheaper) option is required. When you install your residential solar panel system on your home you not only have a cheaper option, it is also environmentally friendly.

Solar Link Australia supplies Solar Power Systems ranging from 1.5Kw (6 x 250W Panels) to 100Kw+

Please choose a suitable SOLAR LINK Solar system from the ones below:

2kW Solar System

(8 x 250 W panels)
Output: From 2,555 to 3,650 kWh/year*
Roof area required: 14.4 m2

3kW Solar System

(12 x 250 W panels)
Output: from 3,832 to 5,475 kWh/year*
Roof area required: 21.6 m2

4kW Solar System

(16 x 250 W panels)
Output: from 5,110 to 7,300 kWh/year*
Roof area required: 28.8 m2

5kW Solar System

(20 x 250 W panels)
Output: from 6,387 to 9,125 kWh/year*
Roof area required: 36.0 m2

6kW Solar System

(24 x 250 W panels)
Output: from 7,664 to 10,950 kWh/year*
Roof area required: 43.2 m2

10kW Solar System

(40 x 250 W panels)
Output: from 12,774 to 18,250 kWh/year*
Roof area required: 72.0 m2

Solar System Design

“How to determine if your home is suitable for Solar Power.”

A Solar Energy System is not suitable for everyone, you need to take into account the amount of sunlight hours your solar system is likely to receive. Each state is different but in general your solar power system will supply between 25%-40% of an average electricity bill for a 1 – 2kW System.

* Please note substantial Federal Government subsidies are still available along with feed in tariffs also applicable, you can also get finance through Solar Link Australia or talk to your bank about financing your solar power system with your current home loan lender.

Other important considerations

Few important considerations to take into account are :

  • The amount of shading your solar system is likely to receive from trees and other buildings
  • The aspect of your roof i.e, does it face towards the sun for a large portion of the year.
  • How much available space you have on your roof.

Contact Solar Link Australia today for more information about how suitable your property is for a solar power system.