Summer Seafood

Sumner Seafood is positioned as a leading edge global export packing facility. The major seafood ports that they export to are: Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Dubai, Jakarta, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. Sumner Seafood’s recognises importers and exporters concerns in relation to the environment. Sumner Seafood is also committed to maintaining a sustainable environment and as such has elected to install a commercial solar system from Solar Link Australia.

Solar Link Australia is proud to supply & install the industry’s leading brands to one of Australia’s leading Seafood exporters. Sumner Seafood will not only save $$$ as a consequence of this savvy financial decision but is also leading the way in its social and corporate responsibility to reduce its own carbon footprint.

Location – U 4 U 4/59 Randolph St Rocklea QLD 4106


  • System size – 24.0Kw
  • Comprising of 2 x ABB 12Kw Aurora Inverters (Italian Made – 3 Phase Inverters) & 96 x 250W PV Modules
  • Location – U 4 U 4/59 Randolph St Rocklea QLD 4106
  • Annual Production – In excess of 36 Megawatts
  • CO2 emissions saving / year – 40 Tonnes
  • Return on Investment – 3 Years
  • Installation Date – 20/06/14