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Australia’s largest hybrid solar installation goes live at Bundaberg school


Australia’s largest hybrid solar installation has been switched on at a school in southern Queensland.

The Bundaberg Christian College is expecting their electricity bill to drop by up to $100,000 a year thanks to the new system, which includes more than 700 solar panels and a huge bank of batteries.

GEM Energy, the company which worked with the college to design and install the system, said it was the biggest hybrid solar installation in the country.

The company is already fielding enquiries from other schools interested in similar systems.

Bundaberg Christian College business manager, Evan Keune, said the solar system was part of a major energy efficiency project undertaken by the school.

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Digital Solar opens up solar power to Australian renters


Australia’s 2 million rental properties are gaining access to cheap solar power under a new Digital Solar scheme which divides the savings between landlords and tenants.

Backed by Melbourne-based startup Matter, Digital Solar brokers deals between renters and their landlords which sees the property owner pay for the installation of solar panels and then sell electricity to the tenant at a cheaper rate than power from the grid. read more →

Australia 5th in world in small scale rooftop solar PV in 2015


Australian homes and businesses added 713MW of small-scale rooftop solar in 2015, and spent some $2.2 billion doing so, according to the latest data.

The installations – which contrast to a big decline in large scale investments – means that Australia ranked 5th in the world in small scale solar installations in 2015. The 2015 effort meant that Australia now has 23.2 million solar panels installed, or the equivalent of one panel per person in the country. read more →

WA’s largest solar installation generating one-third of Perth shopping centre’s power


A shopping complex in Perth’s western suburbs is generating one third of its power from the sun after undertaking Western Australia’s largest solar panel installation on its roof.

The Broadway Fair complex has installed 948 solar panels with the capacity to generate 312 kilowatts of power.

Broadway Fair general manager Paul Avon-Smith said the move would save the complex about $20,000 a month in power bills, which could be put towards funding capital works. read more →

Qld energy minister says rooftop solar will soon be biggest generator


Queensland energy minister Mark Bailey says that rooftop solar on homes and business premises will soon grow to be the biggest power station, by capacity, in the state.

“Rooftop solar is already the second largest power station in this state – and soon it will be effectively the largest power station in Queensland,” Bailey told the Queensland Energy Storage Conference in Brisbane earlier this week. read more →

More than 16,000 homes in the ACT have rooftop solar


More than 16,000 homes in the ACT have rooftop solar and the number of Australian homes with rooftop solar is now more than 1.5 million.

In Canberra, the post code with the most rooftop solar panels is 2615, which includes the suburbs of Flynn, Dunlop, Flynn, Fraser, Higgins, Holt, Kippax and Spence. The regulator’s figures also show a peak in solar panel installation in the years between 2010-14, depending on the state, before the numbers start to drop. read more →

Our Hybrid and Off-­grid Systems


Solar Link Australias range of flooded, AGM and Gel deep cycle batteries have been tried and tested in Australian remote power systems in order to assure you of the maximum life and performance for your money.We have the largest range of 2v, 4v, 6v, 12v, 24v and 48 volt deep cycle batteries in the country. The difference between our Hybrid and Off-­grid System. read more →

Benefits of Solar Power


Many people will know solar energy is a sustainable, zero-emission electricity source for life, but there are many other benefits to consider when making the switch. To help make it easier we have grouped them into financial, lifestyle, and environmental benefits.By investing in renewable energy and installing solar panels on your home, you can: read more →

Commercial Solar Power


Commercial solar panel installations are becoming increasingly more popular for those businesses that are looking to improve their sustainability and profitability.

Solar system for business, government and industrial customers can be cost effective, practical and an effective method of reducing energy costs whilst reducing an organisation’s environmental footprint.

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Residential solar power


Thousands of people right around Australia are opening up power bills with amounts that only seem to get bigger. Switching to solar power means you’ll be using less power from the main grid. So that means you’ll be paying far less on your regular electricity bill. In about three to six years, your solar power unit has paid for itself!

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