Solar Panels Outside


Solar Link Australia’s range of quality remote solar power components have been carefully selected through years of hands-on experience in the renewable energy industry in remote locations. We’ve searched and tested turbines, panels and associated equipment from around the world in order to offer equipment you can rely on in an off grid application.

Our substantial buying power and ability to bypass the middleman by negotiating direct with manufacturers means we can offer the best pricing on off grid equipment; further reduced by subsidies if eligible! Contact our team for free, no-obligation expert advice advice on getting the best off grid system for your needs and budget!

Solar panels

Solar panels are the most expensive aspect of a solar power system, but with our buying power, we can offer you top quality panels with a guarantee for prices far below many of our competitors. Whether it’s polycrystalline or monocrystalline solar panels you need, Solar Link Australia has you covered!

All the solar panels we offer comply with IEC 61215, the International Electrical Commission’s standard for Solar Panels. The IEC 61215 is the international certificate of quality and long durability.

Solar regulators

To protect your battery investment, you need a quality solar regulator that provides maximum efficiency and won’t give up in Australia’s harsh conditions. Solar Link Australia stocks the world’s best brands.

Deep Cycle Batteries

Solar Link Australias range of flooded, AGM and Gel deep cycle batteries have been tried and tested in Australian remote power systems in order to assure you of the maximum life and performance for your money.We have the largest range of 2v, 4v, 6v, 12v, 24v and 48 volt deep cycle batteries in the country!

Off grid inverters

Inverters are the heart of every solar power system. The prerequisite for a well designed system is the careful matching of modules and inverters. Solar Link Australia offers the very best in grid connected inverters, which have been tested for years in the field and offer the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

Mounting systems

Roof top, ground mount or pole mount – Solar Link Australia only offers the very best in mounting systems to ensure ease of installation and protection for your renewable energy investment.We also offer solar trackers so you can squeeze ever possible bit of energy out of the sun!

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