P Peachey. Riverside, Launceston, TAS

Hi Adam – Thank you very much for arranging it all. We are extremely happy with the system. Its nice to see the meter turning backwards! The REC Panels and SMA Inverter combo was definitely the way to go! We were also very happy with the installation done by Steve McElwee. He did an excellent job.

S & P Freeman. Annerley, Brisbane QLD

We have been delighted by the level of service and attentiveness that this organisation delivered. From the initial phone inquiry through to the installation last Friday it has been a pleasure dealing with Solar Link Australia. It is very rare to get a punctual, professional and competively priced response from any supplier, so we wont hesitate to recommened Solar Link Australia in the future.

M Tran. Toowong, Brisbane QLD

“Just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with the solar PV system that Solar Link Australia installed at our house. All of the people that we have dealt with from Solar Link have been very courteous and a pleasure to deal with. The work was done in a very professional manner and the installation is very neat. Of course, the most exciting part of the system is watching our meter run backwards!”

A Adams. Grasstree Beach, Mackay QLD

“I am very satisfied with the competitive bid, quality of systems materials and performance of work in the installation of my photovoltaic array and inverter. I have found the staff at Solar Link Australia to be very professional, thoughtful and courteous in their methods of work and customer relations. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.”

J Hoffmann. St Kilda, Melbourne VIC

“We are proud of our system, and feel very “green.” It is the envy of everyone who has seen it, especially our neighbors.”

B Allison. Newell (Atherton TableLand), QLD

All installed, the blokes did a great job. My solar is working great – love it!

C Quinn. Calwell, Canberra ACT

The system is working nicely. Today is our first clear day since going on line and it is producing just on 6Kwh. The Bluetooth functionality on the SMA is amazing. Great feature and well worth the extra investment!

C Henshaw. Wyndham Vale, Melbourne VIC

A quick thank you to all the staff at Solar Link Australia for your service and professionalism – great job.

I Khalil. Kambah, ACT

Thank you for providing a hassle free service. I will not hesitate in recommending Solar Link to family and friends.

T Freeman. Rose Bay, Sydney NSW

System has been installed and all is well. We elected to have an SMA 4000TL fitted with 16 x 250W Bosch modules. The system working beyond expectation. Thanks Solar Link Australia.

M Grant. Wattle Grove, Perth, WA

We wanted our system fitted the week we moved into our new house and Solar Link Australia met our timeline – no issues. Communication pre installation was terrific and everything was explained to us the whole way through. The installers were very thorough and worked in some pretty oppressive conditions – thanks guys.

P Skvaril. Burnie, TAS

Solar Link installed an 8.0Kw system on adjustable tilt legs. The system was fitted in 2 days and all of the paperwork was submitted before and after installation. The process was so easy. The workmanship was second to none. Very Happy.

J Evans. Mt Barker, SA

Thank you Solar Link Australia for your courteous correspondents and the professionalism of the two installers. They turned up on time and explained everything thoroughly and they did a great job of cleaning up after. We would be happy to recommend you.

H Teddla. Wyndham Vale, Melbourne VIC

I can’t recommend Solar Link Australia highly enough to any one who is keen on installing solar energy. Their Installers are highly skilled and very professional. I am looking forward to harvesting energy from the sun. I feel lucky that I made the decision to purchase through Solar Link Australia!

W Groombridge. Caveside, TAS

After shopping around for a quality product at a respectable price I landed on Solar Link Australia. To date my choice has been justified with prompt professional service, and a professional install where a tradesman actually turns up and completes the work when they said they would.

H Khaira. Gordon, Canberra ACT

Solar Link Australia provided prompt service when needed. There was no unnecessary pressure for early payment and they waited till the proper acceptance of the system by us. They were polite and courteous towards us and we strongly recommend them to other customers.

D & Z Lovell. Maryborough, QLD

Just a short note of thank’s for the straight up advice and professionalism you gave us during the entire application process for our 5.0Kw System.

You are a pleasure to deal with, giving us time frames we could work with and always returned calls promptly. The installers arrived on time, exceedingly competent at their job, neat and tidy

M Wilson. Narre Warren, Melbourne VIC

Very happy with Solar Link Australia and their willingness to negotiate a deal.

As far as my enquiries went, I found Solar Link Australia to be very competitive & the Installation was spot on.

The blokes were careful of the roof, and were more than happy to install the panels and (especially) the inverter where it suited me best.

We are confident we will get a significant benefit as a result of this installation. There may well be another installation enquiries on the agenda from family & friends.

G Fischer. Clarendon, Adelaide SA

We recently had a 15Kw installation fitted by Solar Link Australia to assist in the spiralling electricity costs at the Australia Post/Convenience Store that we run in Clarendon. The system was fitted in a timely fashion and has already started proving its worth, producing upwards of 70Kw per day!!!…on a Sunny Day 🙂 We would have no hesitation in recommending Solar Link Australia.

M Curran. Yeppoon, Central QLD

Attn: Adam Dolkin – I always buy local but after getting quotes from half of Queensland, I decided to do something I never do & go with a ‘non local’ company. Right from our first phone call I knew I had made the right decision. Professional attitude, no rip-offs & quality equipment. Even the team who drove 800Kms to do the job were excellent. Four hours to professionally supply and switch on a 5Kw system. I highly recommend Adam. If he gives you a price and says it is going to happen – it will. Sincerely and with all honesty Michael Curran.

K & G Russell. Glaziers Bay, Hobart TAS

Letting you know we a pretty excited with generation of power from our solar installation. We’ve calculated that we make one week’s electricity costs every two weeks. Considering we’ve had wet, grey and foggy days on the whole with only a few sunny days (June/July – our winter) that is very encouraging figures. Both inverters start up without any sun shining at all, just dark and grey. Yesterday they were both running in the rain and overcast conditions, albeit not great voltage. Our experiment’s results will only be determined over an annual reading which we are looking forward to finding out. Will let you know how we get on!

J Bradshaw. North Watsonia, Melbourne Vic

“I have a 4.0Kw Premium system fitted and I am extremely impressed with the operation of my system. It has been almost 3 days since it was installed and so far it has produced 41Kw of solar energy. When the installers arrived they asked me what i would like, and after a short inspection I was advise that if was possible to install my system on 1 level of my split level site and it has a northern aspect to receive the full benefit of the sun. The quality of the workmanship was excellent and all waste material was cleaned and removed. From the time of paying the deposit till the unit was installed I was regularly informed as to the progress via emails. I also have received complements from my neighbours on the installation because from street level it cannot be seen at all. I have no hesitation in recommending Solar Link Australia to anyone thinking of installing solar power.”

S Hands. Mt Gravatt, Brisbane QLD

“The guys that performed the installation did a superb job, they walked me through the installation process, the installation is very neat, good attention to detail, and at the end of the day gave me a run down of how the system worked. The installers that did the installation were friendly and presented well. The installers also cleaned the site which is rare for tradesmen in my experience, and something I value. The entire process was communicated well from initial contact with yourself right through to the installation. The combination of email and mobile contact has been excellent. Keep up the good service – I will recommend Solar Link Australia to family and friends.”

Sijo Robert Z (Shaolin Kung Fu Academy). Hughesdale, Melbourne VIC

1 – Their presentation was clear & professional, with a crystal clear aerial view of our property to confirm the exact dimensions of our roof and they responded quickly.

2 – They supplied the three options: Budget, Standard & Premium with simple explanations which is what we asked for.

3 – We felt that they responded to our request best and understood our needs and wants without any overt sales pressure.

I broadcast this message to all as a courtesy of a small business owner, to let you know what I (as a customer) was looking for and valued. We thank those of you who came out and quoted. I hope you take this e-mail in the spirit it is being sent…business2business feedback.

J Anderson. Kuranda (Atherton TableLand), QLD

Att: Adam Dolkin – I thought I would relate a positive story for you. As you are certainly aware there are a plethora of solar providers and our decision was not (at least for me) an easy one to make. After my initial request for quotes I was flooded with information that in the most part was confusing and in some cases, downright misleading. I chose Solar Link Australia based on the help you gave me in understanding that which was true and that which frankly wasn’t. Your technical help, your efforts at assurance and your patience is appreciated. Our situation is not ideal as the plant is on a western facing roof with large trees behind us and a mountain directly behind them. The design we decided on was 16 x 250W Multi Modules with an SMA 4000TL inverter and to date it is performing well with our first bill coming in at a credit of $39. Our bill usually ranges from $320 – $340. One of our criteria was if possible to cancel out our electricity bill and it appears we have that covered. Anyhow thanks again for you help!

A Navarra. Spreyton, TAS

All is going well with the system and rather pleased. Yesterday in partly cloudy conditions it produced 41.403Kw. I am very pleased with the production statistics as the system is returning virtually 50/50 production between 9-12am and 12 to 4pm – less than 1% difference. Given the time of year…its very impressive. PS: The guys did a great job in tough weather conditions.

N & J ABEL. Ranelagh, TAS

From our initial phone call, the team at Solar Link Australia were most informative and helpful which gave us the confidence to go ahead and invest in a Solar Installation. The fitting and service was done quickly with very little disruption getting us well on the way to a cost effective power solution and getting money going back into our bank account.

V Bailey. Longreach, QLD

We were very impressed with Solar Link Australia’s service. We opted for the best option (20 x 250W REC Modules and an Power One Aurora PVI 5000) – a great quality system.
The inverter is outputting well – it is generating about twice what we are using according to the meter so very happy!! The Ergon Technician said he had not seen output that high on anyone else’s. Guess that is the benefit of a top system, no trees/shading, western location and the house being aligned to sun angle.
Thanks for the prompt service and your efforts in getting this installed so quickly.

T Wadsworth. Chelsea, Melbourne VIC

Thank you Solar Link Australia. From the first phone call, when all my questions were answered without qualms and in a friendly manner, during the email contact where I received all the information I needed, right through to the installation of the panels themselves, I experienced quality customer service and professional workmanship. The installers: Mark and John, were brilliant. Very friendly and installed the system in no time at all. I’d like to thank-you Adam for making this a smooth process and I will certainly be referring Solar Link Australia to friends and colleagues, should they be in the market for a greener energy source.

T Wadsworth. Chelsea, Melbourne VIC

Thank you Solar Link Australia. From the first phone call, when all my questions were answered without qualms and in a friendly manner, during the email contact where I received all the information I needed, right through to the installation of the panels themselves, I experienced quality customer service and professional workmanship. The installers: Mark and John, were brilliant. Very friendly and installed the system in no time at all. I’d like to thank-you Adam for making this a smooth process and I will certainly be referring Solar Link Australia to friends and colleagues, should they be in the market for a greener energy source.

V Bailey. Longreach, QLD

We were very impressed with Solar Link Australia’s service. We opted for the best option (20 x 250W REC Modules and an Power One Aurora PVI 5000) – a great quality system.
The inverter is outputting well – it is generating about twice what we are using according to the meter so very happy!! The Ergon Technician said he had not seen output that high on anyone else’s. Guess that is the benefit of a top system, no trees/shading, western location and the house being aligned to sun angle.
Thanks for the prompt service and your efforts in getting this installed so quickly.

V.K-Jowe at “Verity House”, Isaacs, Canberra ACT

In June, as I researched solar options for my roof I was flooded with information and some of it was quite confusing. I was delighted that Solar Link Australia and Adam were contactable, helpful and de-mystified lots of the jargon. For these reasons I decided on going ahead with Solar Link Australia through the help they gave me. It was obvious that they had managed a plethora of customers with understanding and courtesy who all needed attention at the 11th hour before the cut-off date of 30 June 2013. Adam assured me that the work will be done in time, and to a high standard. I chose a 6Kw (24 panels in total) option, which was installed without a hitch, with excellent results all round. Various special arrangements during the entire process went really well – mainly by phone and emails – from the start to finish of the installation. In short, communication has been excellent. I recommended Solar Link Australia to many friends and colleagues ever since!

S Holley. Stafford Heights, Brisbane QLD

To whom it may concern,
I had an existing Solar Power System installed in 2012 by a rival company. Two years later, I received many phone calls from them encouraging me to get extra panels installed to make it a 22 panel system to fully utilise my 4.2Kw inverter (I only had 10 panels).
I was hounded and was quoted expensive prices and very little information to what I was going to receive for the extra works. I discussed this with a friend and he suggest I call another solar panel company, for some further advice and prices. Ultimately I only went as far as Solar Link Australia (found them Googling), as once I was in touch – their staff’s knowledge and polite and calm nature, not to mention a much better price….I was sold.
The reason that I chose to ‘expand my system’ is that my electricity bills keep rising. Now that I have a 4.2Kw system – I can kiss my bills good bye! The Electrician (Jason) was excellent!
Thank you Solar Link Australia…for explaining things clearly and supplying the system so fast – great job.
I would strongly recommend anyone to have trust and faith in your professional ways of business.

J Lacey. Mt Eliza, Melbourne Vic

In November 2012 We decided to make the Solar plunge. Electricity prices had risen suddenly as the result of the Carbon tax and other reasons I am not sure of. We were paying a bit under 18 cents inc GST for electricity when it suddenly rose to 22 cents, this wiped out the reduction in the bill I had achieved by changing all the light globes. I figured the only way to beat the electricity companies was to generate my own. A subsequent rise to 24 cents was then advised by my Electricity Company.

I looked at systems on the web, and finally decided to get a 6.5 Kilowatt system from Solar Link Australia.Their salesman (Adam Dolkin) was to me most on the ball and he did not try to Guild the Lily (tell fibs) like I felt some of the others seemed to. He sent me to independant web sites where you could decide the merits for yourself. They do not come to your house to quote, but looked at the house using NearMap.com (a premium aerial photography service). We paid the deposit in late November and about 3 weeks later the system was in and operating. I was very happy with Solar Link Australia. The solar spun the electricity meter backwards. The inverter has a readout so I could instantly see how much electricity the system was generating. The maximum output on a sunny day with the sun in the right direction was a bit over 6 kilowatts!

T. Shaw, Whyalla SA

I had thought about getting solar for a long time but being my normal self never really did much about it! Then I had two men knock on my door from a rival company on or about the 20/09/2013 wanting an appointment. I asked what it would cost but no answer!! They made an appointment for the following night but I told them I would get some quotes first also. I had approximately 7 quotes & as I’m not rich I was looking for a great system for a good price & thanks to Adam Dolkin on 22/09/2013 this is what I received. The other company never came around for the appointment but did ring & I got a quote from them for their 5.0kw system I nearly fell off the chair. Their price was more than 2 &1/2 times my quoted price from Solar Link Australia.Then this manager started to degrade the other companies I had received quotes from…’I won’t get it installed by an experienced electrician, inferior workmanship etc. etc’. At the price he quoted I believe his panels must have been gold plated, no wonder he never kept his appointment.

Now back to Solar Link Australia…we still had to get the paperwork approved by SA Power before the 30/09 & believe it or not this was all achieved within two days thanks to Adam & his staff, I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I asked Adam how long would it be before I would get the system installed & he replied approximately 2 to 3 weeks (ha-ha I thought as I live approx. 400 kilometres away he’s telling me porkies).

Well guess what – on Saturday the 12th of October, two very experienced installers arrived from Adelaide they had all necessary licences, told me they had installed approx. 800 systems personally & had no problems with the inverter I was buying in fact they said it was very reliable.

They cleaned up everything after them & they did a brilliant job installing the panels. Now I’m looking forward to my electricity bills. I think I have got gold panels on my roof because the service from all areas of Solar Link Australia was gold plated. I don’t often give a review but in this case you’ve more than deserved one…from start to finish!!!! & I would strongly recommend Solar Link Australia to anybody & I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t get a quote from you.

Angela Pedrana from Hoppers Crossing, Victoria

Please pass on my gratitude to the two gentleman who installed the system and thank you for the excellent customer service. I had been doubtful about the solar installation and you made the process extremely professional and with ease. I cannot wait to see results. Cheaper BILLS ! Thank you Solar Link I will highly recommend you and your company to ALL of my friends and family.

Robert Straube from Anakie, Victoria

Just a few lines for you regarding our experience with Solar Link Australia. “We contacted Solar Link for a quote for a solar installation at our property. We advised them of an unorthodox installation off the roof, ground mounted on twin axis solar trackers from MagniSun. We also opted for a bank of batteries using a Hybrid inverter. Solar Link Australia was very helpful and worked hard with us to effect our solution.”

Indi Lail from Sinnamon Park, Queensland

“Our Solar Link experience has been one that we could not rate highly enough. Everyone, especially Adam, from the first phone call to the last has been a pleasure to deal with. All requests (phone and email) were dealt with promptly and without question. The pricing was competitive from the start. Installation was organised in a very timely manner and completed with very little fuss.Indie & Bal”

Gianna Rinaldi from Rostrevor, South Australia

I would like to say, “That I highly recommend Solar Link Australia.“ I don’t usually do business by email, but I found that dealing with Solar Link, especially staff member, Adam. He made the whole process so easy. He was very patient & answered all my millions of questions. When I compared their product & price with other suppliers in my state, they were very competitive & would not be beaten. Their Installers were also great !! Punctual & tidy. So far, so good. & now waiting on my Retailer/Distributor to fit the new bi-directional digital meter. I can see will take longer than installing the solar panels. Thanks Solar LInk Australia. Great job !!!.

Howard Maylor from Kyneton, Victoria

From initial contact to completed installation the experience was easy. No high pressure sales just a clear conversation about what I required and what Solar Link could provide. The installation team of Mark, John and Macca, were on time, very easy to get along with and involved me in deciding the best options to complete the job. The installation is very neat and the site was cleaned up before they left. Thank you Adam and team for a job well done.

Varghese Zachariah from Warrandyte, Victoria

The process of searching and concluding on a system was made so easy by Adam and his team. I was advised well on the various options available and the price was very competitive [as I always compare the market!]. From start to finish, the job was well implemented and completed with no hassles whatsoever. Most importantly, they were happy to work around our need offering the best advice.

Peter Hendy from Mt Eliza, Victoria

I am very pleased to say that the guys Solar Link Australia had undertaking the work were very reliable and were very strong on communication, which was greatly appreciated. We did have a bit of a hiccup with a dead tree and an arborist to remove overhanging branches, but the installers were happy to leave the completion until I had an opportunity to have the tree removed and being over Christmas was problematic, but again your installers were very co-operative and came back to complete the project shortly after our advice that they could proceed, so we did appreciate the manor and professionalism in which they have approached the project.

Michelle Lumb from Mt Isa, Queensland

Attn Solar Link : Wayne and I would like to thank you as the 2 installers did a great job and you have helped us whenever we had a query or issue. Thank you for making the installation of the solar panels a pleasant experience.

Joe Dora from Wheelers Hill, Victoria

As a customer of Solar Link Australia over January/February 2015 I found the overall quality of the service the company provided to be most commendable. The courtesy and efficiency of the company’s director and the electricians installing the roof solar system on my property was much appreciated.

Jason Kenny from Townsville, Queensland

I called around 8 solar companies before accepting Solar Links quote. They were very competitive in price and after investigating, I found they were also using top quality panels and inverters. In the end, the winning factor was the number of compliments which Solar Link Australia had over the web. They had a significant amount of compliments and very few complaints on online product reviews. The contractors used in Townsville were great. They talked to me to make sure they put the panels on the correct roof spaces to match when we would be using the power and the time of day. After they’d finished the work, everything was left exactly as it was originally. Even including putting the rubbish bins back in front of the circuit box. They also moved the right tariff load onto the correct meter so I gained the most from the electricity being generated on the roof. I would highly recommend Solar Link due to their service, competitive offer, fantastic installation people and quality of product.

Andrew & Helen Foreman from Elimbah, Queensland

We had a 4Kw Solar system installed this month and found the process from start to finish very simple and straightforward. Solar Link responded to our emails promptly and professionally. When the installation date was approaching we received update texts on date confirmations, arrival times and install times. When the installers arrived they were also efficient, polite, professional and good communicators. No hesitation in recommending this company.

Sam Rodi from Keysborough, Victoria

Thanks Solar Link Australia for your help on my solar system. The guys you sent were very prompt and professional and Adam…I you found to be one of the most efficient people I have dealt with, your’e like clock work. I would certainly recommend Solar Link Australia to any one who expects an honest and professional job done speedily.

Darren Bury from Victoria Point, Queensland

Solar Link Australia were fantastic. My solar system was to be installed as part of a much larger renovation. This meant that the installation of my system had to be completed around roof extensions and a full roof restoration. In all regards Solar Link were brilliant. The Solar Link Team were very accommodating to what my needs were and the installation staff were equally good. I would, and will be recommending my friends to choose Solar Link for their solar needs.

Ian James from Mildura, Victoria

My Solar Link Australia installation went smoothly. I can recommend Solar Link to install your solar panels.

John Roberts from Mount Waverley, Victoria

The system is working fine…thank you for your time and efforts, greatly appreciated, your crew are pleasant and are good workers.

Maria & Rob from Bardia, New South Wales

Solar Link Australia: Professional, flexible, highly skilled electrician, we would highly recommend to other people. Quick response and quick onsite, very easy to deal with. Fantastic product which are neatly and professionally placed on your home.

Darko Gagula from Caroline Springs, Victoria

Right from the first conversation to the final installation the process was very easy. the whole team was very professional. The installation was on time and I felt extremely comfortable with the team installing the system. They did an excellent job. Without any hesitation I would recommend Solar Link Australia to anyone looking to purchase a solar system we were definitely very happy overall including the pricing.

Scott Francis from Greenbank, Queensland

Thanks for the prompt and professional service, just letting you know the main reason for us choosing Solar Link Australia was that: 1- the sales person were able to answer all questions without having to consult other people, 2- competative price, 3- no annoying emails or text messages after first contact regarding sales every 3 to 4 days, 4- professionalism in being able to deliver what was promised when promised. Thanks again.

Bill Vlies from Woollamia, New South Wales

Solar Link Australia : Your installer is a great man works hard and to a high standard. Many thanks will recommend you to anyone that asks.

Melissa Knight from Berwick, Victoria

I would highly recommend Solar Link Australia to have solar panels installed. They where always very polite, informative and efficient. I had a lot of questions, and they where very patient and explained it in a way anyone can understand. We chose Solar Link Australia over larger well known companies, as others where confusing and just after a quick sale with no attention to customer service. The installation was very efficient, I couldn’t have asked for any better service.

Harry and Maria Janssen from Montrose, Victoria

When we approached Solar Link Australia in regards to the 4.5Kw Solar installation with 18 solar panels, our conversation was courteous and polite. The price quoted was a subject for discussion, but when it became clear to you that it was envisaged that there could be 3 installations, and as we had other quotes received, we came to a very amicable solution which benefited all 3 of us and also your company, there were no more hassles. When the dates were set for the installation on all three units, the people who did the job were very nice and extremely competent in their work. Within one week all three units installations were completed and everything went smoothly. We are extremely satisfied with the work done and with your company. Your staff were excellent in their work and courteous dealing with us.

Gordon Dunn from Mt Evelyn, Victoria

Thanks for doing such a good job ,the guys were quick ,professional and did a fantastic job, not only that, i called heaps of solar companys for quotes and you guys were still the cheapest,very happy, thanks heaps Gordon

Russell Baricevic from Ripponlea, Victoria

I got over half a dozen quotes and narrowed it down to two. We chose Solar Link due to their quick response to questions and broad range of quality products to suit many budgets. The installation was hassle free. I would highly recommend them. (10 x LG 300W Panels & SolarMax 3000s Inverter)

VANGE MARKOVSKI from Macleod, Victoria

I would not hesitate in recommending Solar Link Australia to friends or relatives. Everything was done easy and without fuss. Your installers were terrific. They even replaced broken roof tiles. Thanks again.

Nick Redpath from Kangaroo Ground, Victoria

I had a 4KW PV system installed by Solar Link Australia. The whole process was surprisingly quick and hassle-free. There was never any pressure put on me (unlike other companies I dealt with) and any questions I had were answered promptly. The installation was done very professionally. Solar Link obviously consider customer satisfaction a priority and I would thoroughly recommend them.

Anna Markey from West End, Brisbane, Queensland

August 1, 2014Just waiting on connection from Energex but Solar Link Australia were great. Guys who connected turned up on time and were lovely to deal with.

George Fletcher from Sandringham, Victoria

Solar Link Australia’s service was amazing, Adam was very helpful indeed. The installation was amazing and so were the people who do it. The price was affordable and competitive and the process was quick!

Ava McKinnon from South Warrandyte, Victoria

Thank you so much. Solar Link Australia have been fabulous to deal with. We have been very impressed with the excellent service and have recommended you to several friends and colleagues. Thank you once again for a job well done.

Ernie Mason from Noosa Heads, Queensland

Solar Link – Energex changed the meter on Friday so we are now up and running. Thanks for all of your help on this, the installation guys did a very good and neat job when they installed it and it looks as though we can expect some significant savings.

Ian McLean from Riddells Creek, Victoria

The installation team did an excellent job installing the panels. The 3KW panels produced a peak of 2350W today (mid Winter) and I expect that this will increase as the sun gets higher. Thank you for your 1st class service.

Grant Zhu from Rockhampton, Queensland

I am very happy with Solar Link’s products and related installation I purchased. In May, due to my retirement, I have to stay home all most every day, and therefore I decided to have solar panels installed on my roof. After about 1 month research regarding government STCs policy, quality of inverter and solar panel, and review 8 quotations offered by related solar companies and reputations of these companies (based on the independent reviews at the Solar Quotes. For the known reason, I do not 100% trust testimonials published by solar companies on their own webpage), I eventually selected Solar Link as my solar system supplier (contracted signed on 23 June). The reasons to choose Solar Link are as below: 1) Good quality of products and very competitive price-the products I purchased are SMA inverter and LDK solar panels both of which are tier 1 products. With the same price I paid to Solar Link, I would probably only get tier 3 products from other companies. 2) Reviews of Solar Link at this web site- most of reviews are quite positive about Solar Link (except for one negative comment from an ANONYMOUS person). When I reviewed the reviews of other large solar companies that can provide solar system installation in central Queensland land, the negative comments are over 20% of total reviews for each company. This comparison provided me a great confidence to go with Solar Link. 3) Expertise opinion- I also consulted a solar panel exporter regarding SMA+ LDK in comparison with other similar products with more expensive prices. He recommended that I should buy SMA and LDK. 4) Communications with Solar Link – Adam is very gentle and patient person. He always replied my queries very quickly. And most importantly he never pushed me to make a decision; this implies that he is very confident about his products and services. The installation took place on 17 of July 2014, a little bit more than 3 weeks after the contract signed. The contracted local electricians are very professional. They did a great job. After about 6 hours hard working by the team, the system was up and running, as I could see the power meter was running backwards as soon as the installation was completed (Ergon has not installed the dual direction power meter yet). After 3 days observation post-installation, I am glad that I made a right decision to buy Solar Link’s solar system. Within the 3 days, the system has produced 76kwh, about 25 for each day. I am sure that the system will produce more during summer days (I was advised by other solar company that with 5kw solar system, the average daily power production should be around 27kWh in central Queensland).